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donderdag 30 januari 2014


24 MEI


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COEVORDEN (MFC) – Metal Front Coevorden presenteert op zaterdag 24 mei een bijzonder spetterend optreden van het Amerikaanse bluesgitaarwonder Jared James Nichols. Hij wordt al in één adem genoemd met blues-grootheden als Joe Bonamassa en Kenny Wayne Sheperd, en al vóór zijn 21ste verjaardag gaf Jared James Nichols meer dan 500 optredens. Nichols werd geboren in East Troy, Wisconsin - een paar minuten rijden van The Alpine Valley Resort, waar Stevie Ray Vaughan zijn laatste show gaf - en groeide op in Waukesha, Wisconsin; waar ook Les Paul en Steve Miller vandaan komen.

 Toevallig of niet, feit blijft dat Jared James Nichols zich vanaf zijn veertiende ontplooide tot een zeer begenadigd bluesgitarist en diverse prijzen in de wacht wist te slepen, zoals de "2010 Jerry Horton guitar contest", de "2011 Les Paul tribute contest" en de "Outstanding Guitarist" award in 2011. Hij deelde op jonge leeftijd het podium met Buddy Guy, "Honeyboy" Edwards en "Big Jim" Johnson. Jared James Nichols' handelsmerk is het bespelen van de electrische gitaar met zijn vingers in plaats van het gebruik maken van een plectrum. Afgelopen jaar nam Nichols Aerosmith producer Warren Huart in de arm voor zijn tweede EP getiteld "Old Glory & The Wild Revival". Zijn eerste EP uit 2012 bestond uit live opnames de gemaakt zijn in de befaamde Viper Room te Los Angeles. Deze EP leverde goede recensies op bij gerenommeerde bladen als 'Guitar World' en  'Guitar Player', en zorgden er voor dat Jared James Nichols een platendeal tekende bij Sony/MTV's Hype Music Publishing.

 Deze bluesgitaar wonderboy heeft al een heleboel festivals aangedaan, en onlangs nog SXSW. Momenteel toert Jared James Nichols met zijn band (bestaande uit drummer Dennis Holm en basgitartist Eric Sandin) door Europa, waarbij zij Metal Front Coevorden nog als enige podium zullen aandoen. Besef je dus, dat dit je enige kans is om Jared James Nichols nog live in een kleine zaal met een intieme setting te zien spelen in Nederland, want het zou heel erg goed kunnen dat deze jongeman binnenkort te groot is voor de kleine podia. Want Jared James Nichols heeft het inderdaad in zich om één van de grootste bluesgitaristen van deze eeuw te worden!

Metal Front Coevorden opent de poorten op ZATERDAG 24 MEI om 21.00 uur: de show begint om 22.30 uur stipt. De entreeprijs van de avond is VIJF euro.


(Jared James Nichols reveals spring US&EU tourdates)



(Jared James Nichols - EPK minidocu)
(Jared Nichols Winner of the Les Paul Guitar Competition 2010)
(Jared James Nichols Performs "Blackfoot" on AXS Live)
(Jared James Nichols plays over the Ballad of John Henry by Joe Bonamassa)
(Jared James Nichols, performs Who knows, Live at the Nix in Enschede - april 2014)




“Being a great blues guitar player is something you can’t teach or absorb through osmosis. Real blues comes from the soul. You’ve either got it or you don’t. In the case of Jared James Nichols, the former applies…Nichols’ new EP, Old Glory & The Wild Revival, sounds like the title of an old Western movie, but it’s more about movement…Nichols’ EP is a refreshing reminder that the blues comes from within.”

            –James Woods, GUITARWORLD.COM, November 12, 2013

“Jared James Nichols might still be a brand-new name to most music fans, but with the release of his first studio effort, a blistering five-song EP called Old Glory & The Wild Revival, the 22-year-old East Troy, Wisconsin native could be on everyone’s lips by the end of the year…All five tracks…display Nichols’ extravagant, deliciously unhinged guitar skills, as well as the remarkably intuitive yet free-wheeling support of his rhythm section…”

            –Joe Bosso, MUSICRADAR.COM, July 23, 2013

“Jared James Nichols is a true testament to the blues of old, and the revival we are seeing today. Doing his idols proud, Jared hones the likes of Stevie Ray and Kenny Wayne, with soulful swagger and downright dirty, gritty howls. His guitar wails at his command, delivering classic undertones with riffs of his own device…” (8.5 out of 10 EP review)

    –Blackfoot, BLUESROCKREVIEW.COM, July 29, 2013

“Old Glory & The Wild Revival is authentic, gritty, soulful blues delivered by a twenty-two year old singer/guitarist named Jared James Nichols. It is hard to believe that someone his age could perform or even understand the intricacies and nuances of the Blues so well, but Nichols not only gets it, he excels at it. The five songs on this EP are reminiscent of such influential power house artists as Stevie Ray Vaughn and Kenny Wayne Sheppard.”

    –Bruce Moore, PUREGRAINAUDIO.COM, August 5, 2013

“When was the last time you heard a guitarist so good he practically singes his fretboard? It’s probably been a while, but you don’t have to wait anymore. Jared James Nichols has officially arrived. His EP, Old Glory & The Wild Revival, stirs rock-n-roll piss and vinegar with swaggering whisky-soaked blues. As his riffs rage and roar on the likes of “Blackfoot” and “Sometimes”, not only does Nichols pull off some mind-blowing leads and searing solos, but his vocal delivery remains equally fiery. The centerpiece and standout “Take My Hand” builds from an evocative, entrancing six-string intro into more dazzling guitar fireworks. Ultimately, we’re witnessing the birth of a legend here. Be prepared to hail Old Glory & The Wild Revival.” (4.5 out 5 EP review)

            –Rick Florino, ARTISTDIRECT.COM, September 20, 2013

“Jared James Nichols is a true testament to the blues of old, and the revival we are seeing today. Doing his idols proud, Jared hones the likes of Stevie Ray and Kenny Wayne, with soulful swagger and downright dirty, gritty howls. His guitar wails at his command, delivering classic undertones with riffs of his own device…This rising act of only 22 years has left us wanting more. Jared proves he can hold his own on the mic and guitar, while delivering powerful riffs, and catchy melodies. I believe he puts it best, reviving the ‘old glory’ of the blues that came before.”

    –Don Tice, BLUESROCKREVIEW.COM, July 29, 2013

“This 22-year-old will fit right in at this summer’s Buffalo Chip Festival in Sturgis, S.D., and Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary shindig in Milwaukee, Wis., where bikers well schooled in gnarly blues rock will hear in his stinging riffs echoes of all the greats…He’s also absorbed some Aerosmith, and working with that band’s engineer Warren Huart, he’s made an EP of crossover-ready neoclassical rock. It’s easy to imagine Steven Tyler and Joe Perry having a hit with “Let You Go,” so if all else fails, this shredder may have a sideline in songwriting.”

            –M: MUSIC & MUSICIANS MAGAZINE, September 17, 2013

“You remember a decade or so ago when all of the sudden, out of nowhere, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the waters…a bunch of youngster geetar-slingers who were barely old enough to shave hit the scene?  These guys were white boys playing like black blues masters.  Guys like Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Bonamassa and Jonny Lang…well, now, in 2013 we have another one in a kid from the Land of Cheese named Jared James Nichols.  Yep, this kid is 22 years old and plays blues like a sixty-year old bluesman from Mississippi.”

            –Jeb Wright, CLASSICROCKREVISITED.COM, August 23, 2013

“Jared James Nichols is the latest in a long line of guitarists to take the blues, shake them up, and deliver forth a blend of that pays homage quite nicely to rock’s musical roots…Nichols has released a five-song EP, Old Glory & The Wild Revival, as his entre into the field.  The opening song “Blackfoot” is a classic, driving blues/rock anthem that showcases his talents as a guitar player to the point that you’ll want to quietly want to put your guitar back in its case and never pick it up again. Yup, Nichols is that good…Jared James Nichols…has arrived in style.”

            –Richard Rosenthal, SCREAMERMAGAZINE.COM, August 27, 2013

“Nichols has skills. Serious skills. His picks, licks, strums and playful moves took the audience on a musical trip back to the time of hippies and hallucinogenics…Jared James Nichols made a classic rock style his own, bringing this unique blend to a contemporary audience.”  

    –LA Butler, VINTAGEROCK.COM, September 8, 2013

“Upon hearing the sliding riffs and 70’s dropped blues tempos, you experience shredding and solos that could give today’s top guitarists a run for their money. Jared James Nichols is definitely someone to check out and discover.”

           –Jacob Gaitan, ELLENWOOD-EP.COM, October 8, 2013

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